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Simply Change Bulbs & Save $380 per Light, per Year in Energy Costs.

The OEO EZ LED... the only direct-replacement for metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs. 
No rewiring. No electrician. No hassle.

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Just screw it in. Works on any voltage thru a 250W or 400W MH or HPS ballast. The OEO EZ LED is the only direct replacement for MH and HPS lights.

Simple Installation.

No Electrian or Rewiring.


OEO Customers

Nine Month Payback

With a 68% immediate savings, The OEO EZ LED faster ROI than other option...and even still faster when used with motion sensors and rebates.

Superior Light Quality

Lights instantly. Consistent lumen maintenance. Minimal heat. White light @ 5,000K. Long LED life. 5 year warranty.

“With the OEO Light, we significantly improved our energy efficiency and light quality immediately, while drastically reducing our operating costs and carbon footprint. The ease of the transition was, literally, as simple as changing a light bulb. As a result, we've seen an increase in spirit and productivity.”

Gregg Bryan.
Facility Manager. Southeastern Packaging. Charlotte, NC

“I don't normally take the time to offer or provide testimonials, but they really are incredible. We have been here for 20 years and the lighting has always been pathetic. Finally we have good lighting! The energy efficiency is certainly awesome (especially since I consider myself a bit of an environmentalist), but the real benefit is that we can actually see what we are doing. 
Simply put; they kick ass!”

Tony Mosso.
Operations. Automax Tire and Auto Center. Wellsboro, PA 

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